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GOT RUM? 2004 Archives

Here you can find all the archival copies of "Got Rum?" Magazine, from 2001 to present.  For more information about the magazine, please visit the official website at www.gotrum.com.





Rum Consulting Services, From the Editor, Rum In The News, Best and Worst of 2003, Cantina Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub Show 2004, Angel's Share (Islamorada Light Rum, Santa Cruz Virgin Islands Rum, Rhum Barbancourt 8 Years Old), The Spirit of Cooking (Rum-Walnut-Raisin Zucchini Bread, Broiled Shrimp in Spicy Garlic Rum Sauce, Rhubarb 'N' Rum Pie). Rum Market (Premium Blend Mojito Mix and Rum University Lesson VI).

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  Rum Consulting Services, From the Editor, Special Announcement, Rum Walk, Romancing Rum, Rum Book Review, Cantina Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub Show, Angel's Share (Player's Extreme Banana Rum - USA, Fernandes Black Label Rum - Trinidad & Tobago, Classic Rum Demerara Port Morant 10 year Old - Guyana), The Spirit of Cooking (Mango Rum Soup, Sweet and Tart Fried Chicken, Orange Spiced Rum Flan and Strawberry Rum Valentine's Cake), Rum Market, Rum University.

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Rum Consulting Services, From the Editor, Special Announcement (Gluten and Rum), Mardi Gras, Cantina Show Coverage, Angel's Share (Alfred Lamb's Navy Rum - Canada, Granado Puerto Rican Rum - Puerto Rico, Seventh Heaven Ginger and Bois Bandé Rum - St. Lucia), The Spirit of Cooking (West Indies Duck with Black Cherries, Rum Puppies and Rum Rice Custard), Rum Market, Rum University.

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  Rum Consulting Services, From the Editor, Remembering Joseph Congiusti, Rum Destinations: Jamaica, Jamaica: A Taste of the Island (by Paris Permenter and John Bigley), Walkerswood: Authentic Jamaican Jerk, Book Review: Walkerswood Caribbean Kitchen (by Virginia Burke), Joy Spence: Master Blender, "Rum, Revolution and Globalization", "2nd Annual Rum Shakers",  Angel's Share (Appleton Reserve - Jamaica, Conch Republic Atocha Gold - USVI, Santa Teresa Orange - Venezuela), The Spirit of Cooking (Jamaican Rum Cocktails from Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay), Rum Market.

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  Rum Consulting Services, From the Editor (Traveling to Mexico), Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Rums: The "Piloncillo" Connection, Alcoholic Beverages in Ancient and Modern Mexico, Cooking with Piloncillo and Rum (Spicy Piloncillo Syrup, Chicken in Green Sauce with Piloncillo, Rompope, Café de Olla), The Spirit of Cooking (Lobster Au Rhum, Rum Sausages, Rum Sour, Something Else), Rum Market.

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Rum Consulting Services, From the Editor (Traveling to Panama), About Panama and the Canal, Gamboa Rainforest Resort: Panama: Three Cities in One, Rums of Panama, The Spirit of Cooking (Rum Plantains, Plantains a L'Orange, Chicha de Arroz con Piña, Rum Soaked Pineapple, Drunken "Soup"), Traditional Drinks of Panama, Rum News (Zacapa Rum Tasting at Miami Beach China Grill), Book Review ("Rum" by Charles A. Coulombe), Rum Market.

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Rum Consulting Services, From the Editor (Lessons from the past), Rum in the news, "Got Rum?" Circulation, Rum University Certificates, Alcohol, Carbohydrates and Calories, American Rum interview with the authors, The Angel's Share (Hallmark Jamaican Rum - Jamaica, Hallmark Demerara 1980 - Guyana, Hallmark Demerara 25 - Guyana), The Spirit of Cooking (Cornish Hens with Rum, Colonial Hot Buttered Rum, Martha Washington's Rum Punch), Rum Market.

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  The True Taste of Mangoes; Rum In The News (Robert Plotkin's Article and Inner Circle Rum Awards); About Mangoes; The Battle of the Mango-Flavored Rums; The Spirit of Cooking: Mango-Blueberry Colada Salad, Mango Smoothie, Easy Sautéed Mango Topping, Mango Rum Cake, Malibu Rum Rusher, Banana-Strawberry-Mango Rum Flambé, Vanilla Sorbet with Mango Rum Raisin Topping, Ice Cream with Mango Sauce, Cold Mango and Rum Sup and Mango Rum Cocktail; Rum Market (Mojitos and American Rum).

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The Rum Report; Rum In The News (Dominicans in Florida); Origin of Vanilla, Interesting Vanilla Facts; Rum In History: José Arechabala, Part I; Battle Vanilla-Flavored Rums; The Spirit of Cooking: Apricot Souffles with Vanilla Rum Whipped Cream, Salmon with Curried Vanilla Rum-Butter Sauce, Pork Medallions with Vanilla Rum Cream Sauce; Rum Market (The Rum Report).

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Rum and the Environment; Rum In The News (Prohibition has ended in Lockhart, Texas; Freshies Mojito Mix coming soon; Donate to CTO Hurricane Relief Fund; New Rum Website); Rum In History: José Arechabala, Part II; The Angel's Share (Doorly's Fine Old Barbados Rum, Trader Vic's Dark Rum, Ron Antillano Añejo); The Spirit of Cooking: Orange Rum Cake, Halloween Punch and Vampire Punch; Rum Market (The Rum Report and American Rum).

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Rum Consulting Services, From the Editor (Holiday Rums), Rum In The News (New York's Rum Fest USA, Red Rum & Chucky, Lain American and Caribbean Center events); Rum Movie Review (Boulevard du Rhum); The Angel's Share (Rum Palmera 500 - Aruba, Rhum Charlie's - Aruba, Pusser's Rum - Guyana, Trinidad & BVI); Rum Market (Pnche Crema, Cuba Libre, Mandala Bay & The Rum Report). 

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Rum Consulting Services, From the Editor (Caribbean Recovers from Ivan), Rum In The News (Sugarcane fire accident, Castle Brands new importer for Gosling's); Rum Movie Review (Rum and Coke); The Angel's Share (Demerara Golden Rum Cream Liqueur, Happy Rum, Newfoundland Screech); The Spirit of Cooking (Veal Shanks Braised with Rum, with Rum Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Black Beans; Coconut Mango Bread Pudding with Caramel Rum Sauce and Fried Coconut Strips); Rum Market (The Rum Report, Mojitos and RedRum Gifts). 

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