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In this section you will find research papers and technical studies about rum.  This material has been submitted to us by the authors with permission to share them with the rum community.  If you are interested in daily conversations about rum, join the "Rum Lovers Unite!" group on LinkedIn. 
Tres Hombres Rum Run - Entering the European Market with Tres Hombres Rum

From the author, Garrett Koolman (September 1st, 2011):

"Good Afternoon Luis,

I am hereby sending you my Thesis Report the final version I defended on monday and the powerpoint presentation I used for my defense. I scored an 8 for my body of work which was the second highest mark awarded by my University to any thesis. I would like to share it with you and if you want to use it with for the Rum University you are more then welcome.

There are no company information in there that can not be shared so they gave me the ok to share with you and Rum Lovers Unite, I couldn't figure out how to attach it to the Rum Lovers Unite discussion board. I hope you you enjoy reading my thesis. I look forward to your feedback and thought."

Click here to download the Power Point presentation

Click here to download the thesis (PDF)

T If you are the author of a rum study or technical paper and would like to share it with the rum community, please send an email to luis@rumshop.net for instructions.


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