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Luis and Margaret Ayala are a husband and wife team of food and travel writers.  Together they have published several books and countless articles about rum, the countries that produce it and the cultures behind it.  If you are interested in having Luis and Margaret as speakers at your next corporate event, please contact us.  
Margaret E. Ayala

Margaret Ayala has been an active member of the Central Texas Rum Appreciation Society for the last 7 years. She has also been a rum tasting judge in the Annual Rum Taste Test since 1998. This event was held every year in Barbados up until recently when it took place for the first time in history in St. John's, Newfoundland (Canada). 

Being the rum lover that she is, Margaret has currently co-authored two books (with her husband Luis Ayala), The Encyclopedia of Rum Drinks and The 2002-2003 Rum Buyer's Guide. In the midst of co-authoring these books she has also found the time to contribute to the world's first and only rum magazine, Got Rum?, where you can find her monthly column called "The Spirit of Cooking". She has thoroughly enjoyed sharing some delicious rum-based recipes with her readers since the early part of 2002. 

Margaret is always looking for great recipes to share with everyone, so if you have one you would like to share with her, please see how to contact her 

When Margaret is not busy researching for new books or preparing recipes for her column, you are sure to find her relaxing at the "Ayala Rum Bar" enjoying the finest rums from around the world. 

Luis K. Ayala

Luis K. Ayala is no stranger to rum. With over a decade of hands-on experience, from judging at international rum competitions and tastings to assisting distilleries in the production of new rums, he has witnessed -and written- about all aspects of the rum industry. His books include: The Rum Experience, The Encyclopedia of Rum Drinks, The 2002-2003 Rum Buyer's Guide and the upcoming American Rum. 

In 2001, Mr. Ayala, along with his wife and partner, Margaret, founded Rum Runner Press Inc., a company devoted to servicing the needs of the rum industry, from education and training to production and special events. Today Rum Runner Press publishes the world's only monthly Rum Magazine ("Got Rum?") which is read by tens of thousands of rum aficionados around the globe.

Mr. Ayala's reputation as a rum lover and an expert in the field is well known. To date he is the most published rum author in the world. In September of 2002 he was the recipient of the International Rum Festival's Platinum Award for his "Global education and promotion of rum."

Luis and Margaret Ayala have visited many of the leading producers of rum around the world (often more than once). Together they offer consulting services to the rum industry, in the form of Seminars, Tasting Classes, Competition Logistics, Organoleptic Assessments and Product Development. Luis and Margaret are also Directors and Instructors at The Rum University.

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